What To Consider When Evaluating Vinyl Siding

If you want to put new vinyl siding on your home, you're likely wondering where you start when it comes to comparing the different types out there. Here are the factors you should use when making comparisons.


One factor that should be very important to you is durability since a cheap vinyl siding is going to become damaged and require replacement prematurely. It is common to see wind speeds that the siding is rated to have protection against, with a higher wind speed meaning that the siding is going to be more durable. Consider if durability is important if you live in an area that sees high winds from hurricanes or if you have kids that play a lot in your backyard and it is common for a baseball or another object to hit the side of your home.


Think about how the siding is finished when it comes to applying the color to the siding. Some siding only has the surface of the siding painted, while others have the material baked onto the siding. The latter is going to be a much better finish since you know that the color is not going to chip off and expose the original color underneath as easily. 


Look at the warranty that comes with the siding material and what is covered. You may be surprised at the exceptions that the warranty has and what conditions are and aren't covered. Compare the warranties and look at the exclusions, and pick the siding that you feel comes with the best warranty. In addition, ask your contractor what the warranty is on the labor since you likely will not want to pay for labor if the siding material that is sold to you breaks on its own. 

Fire Rating

Vinyl siding is going to have a fire rating, which is how hot the vinyl siding can get before it will ignite. This doesn't mean that siding will not become damaged at those high temperatures, but that it will not ignite and cause more damage to the structure of your home. A better fire rating means that you are going to have a home that is better protected from fire damage.

If you're having trouble deciding what kind of vinyl siding will work best for your home, reach out to a local siding contractor for their assistance. They'll review the various types of siding, like James Hardie siding, with you and let you know why one stands out over the rest.