Why You Should Replace The Door Frame Along With The Door

If one or several of the doors on your home are looking dated, you may be planning to replace them. In the process, you should make sure you replace not only the door itself, but also the frame. There are a few reasons why doing so is worthwhile, even though it will cost a bit more than replacing just the door.

1. New door frames are made from more efficient materials.

Old door frames are generally made from wood. While wood is not terribly energy inefficient when new, as it ages, it tends to develop cracks and rot. As such, your current door frame probably lets a lot of cold air through in the winter, resulting in higher energy bills. A new door frame will often be made from a more efficient material, like wood composite. This material allows less heat to travel through it, and it's also less susceptible to cracks and warping than is plain wood. So, it will stay more efficient as it ages.

2. New door frames are usually more compatible with new doors.

Your door replacement company should be able to modify a door to ensure it fits within an old, existing frame. However, the fit will never be quite as good as with a new frame. When you choose a new frame that is made specifically for the door you're buying, it will fit snugly and latch more easily. You don't have to worry as much about wiggling the door around to close it, or having to adjust the door just right to lock it.

3. When you replace the frame, you can add insulation.

This is especially the case if you have an older home. Builders did not always insulate well around door frames in years past. When you pull the old door frame off, you can add some insulation around the doorway before installing the new frame. This will help keep your energy bills down and prevent drafts from coming in around the door. It's also a good way to reduce the amount of condensation that appears on the door glass. (The insulation helps keep the door's temperature even, and fluctuations in temperature are what cause condensation.)

If you replace your home's doors this year, make sure you replace the frames, too. The work will take a little longer and you'll pay more, but you'll get many benefits in the years that follow. 

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