Etch Front Door Glass To Eliminate Smudges And Smears For Good

When you have kids and/or pets, keeping the glass and shiny surfaces clean around the house can be a real struggle. If you've been battling with the smudges and smears on your front door and would like to find a way to eliminate it from the regular cleaning list, you may want to consider frosting the glass on the front doors. Here, you'll find out a few tips that can help you complete the task with ease.

What You're Doing 

So, to eliminate all of the smudges and smears on the front door glass all of the time, you'll be frosting the glass. Frosting the glass will allow the natural light to fill your home, but the glass will no longer have that clear finish that makes it easy to see all of the smudges on the glass.

What You'll Need

  • Window Etching Solution
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Paper Towels
  • Clean Coffee Filters
  • Fans
  • Squeegee
  • Bucket of Water
  • Painter's Tape

Do the Job

Start by taping off the edges around the glass. This will protect the finish from being damaged by the etching cream that you'll use on the glass.

Now, clean the window very well. You don't want any dirt or lint to be left on the glass. To achieve the level of cleanliness that you need, clean the glass with the glass cleaner and paper towels. Then, go over the glass with the clean coffee filter. The filter will help you buff the smudges out of the glass and pull the remaining lint and residue off.

Open windows in the area and put some fans in them. You need to circulate the air for two reasons – one to protect yourself from breathing in too many of the fumes and to expedite the drying process. Read the instructions on the etching solution to ensure that you are using that particular product exactly as it should be used. Squeegee the solution on to the glass starting at a top corner, working your way across the top and then downwards.

Allow the solution to sit for the recommended amount of time, then rinse, clean, and dry the window, door, and flooring around the door. You want to remove any residue left behind by the etching solution so that you don't have any damage to deal with later.

Talk with your local door professional to learn more about your options for a smudge-proof front door for your home.