Pros And Cons Of Replacing A Single Entry Door With Double Doors

If you're thinking about replacing the front door of your home, one idea to consider is swapping one door for a pair of them. Double doors can dramatically change the look of both the inside and outside of your home, and there are so many double doors on the market that you'll have no trouble finding a look that suits your style. A window and door contractor can complete this installation for you — but before you make up your mind, you should evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of double doors. Here are some points to consider:

Pro: More Room Getting In And Out

A single front door is generally enough for most homeowners, but there can be a multitude of times where a little more space can be nice. If you often leave the house while pushing a baby stroller, for example, a second door that swings open can make it easier for you to get through. Moving furniture in and out of the house, which you might do if you change your furnishings a lot, can be a lot easier with double doors.

Con: Reduction Of Wall Space

You might be surprised at how much a second front door cuts down on wall space in the entry area of your home. If you already have a limited amount of space for coat hooks and items hanging on the walls, you'll have even less when you add a second door. This is why double doors generally work better in larger homes — in smaller homes, you may find that the loss of wall space is too problematic.

Pro: Heightened Visual Appeal

If you browse photos of luxury homes, they often have double front doors. Your home may not fall into the "luxury" price point, but you'll have to admit that the addition of a second door adds more visual appeal from the outside. Double doors can take an ordinary home and quickly make it look and feel more valuable.

Con: May Be More Of A Renovation Than You Want

Replacing a single entry door is a simple procedure that any window and door contractor can complete quickly. The addition of a second door, however, can be a major job. Your contractor will need to open up the side of the house, which can take time and will increase the cost of the job. If you're looking for something quick and affordable, double doors might not be for you. Speak to your contractor about replacement entry doors to learn more about whether double doors are right for you, or if a single door replacement suits you best.