3 Signs That It Is Time To Replace Your Windows

If you live in an older home, your windows might add a vintage, authentic feel, but fail to do their job. If your house is newer, you might not even give replacing your windows a second thought. Regardless of the age of your home, you should keep an eye out for a few tell-tale signs that your windows are faltering and need to be replaced.

You Hear Everything That Is Happening Outside

If every sound that occurs outside, from loud lawn mowing to softer bird chirping, can be heard with excruciating clarity inside of your home, it is time to get those windows replaced.

Older windows are especially susceptible to polluting your home with noise. Older windows were often created without much thought to how much sound could transfer through the glass. Technology in recent years has developed to the point where glass for windows is specifically designed to block out noise.

When you are searching for new windows ensure that they have a high sound transmission class. The higher the rating of the sound transmission class the more noise they windows will be able to block out.

Your Heating Or Cooling Bill Is Skyrocketing

If you notice a sudden spike in your heating or cooling bill, your windows may be to blame. As windows age their insulating properties become weaker, allowing heat and air to escape. Older windows that were installed in homes that relied on stoves and fireplaces to heat and originally lacked air conditioning completely are especially guilty.

You might notice the sealing around your windows cracking and peeling. This might seem harmless, but the larger the gaps in the sealing the more air from inside can escape.

If you notice a draft near your windows this is also a good sign that your windows aren't doing their job properly and should be replaced.

If your windows are properly installed and up to date they will insulate your house properly and keep your heating and cooling bill low.

You Notice Your Windows Are Always Foggy

If your windows seem to be constantly foggy either between the panes of glass or developed on the interior of a single pane, take that as an indication that they are failing.

Fog forms when the cold or warm air from outside the house meets with the cold or warm air from inside the house, producing condensation. This means one thing, your house is letting air from the outside, inside and air from the inside, outside, reducing its ability to insulate.

Replacing all the windows in your home is a surefire way to improve your house on many different levels. If you notice any of these signs don't wait for things to get worse. Get new windows installed from a company like Bi-State Window & Door Inc for overall home improvement.