Improve The Appearance Of Your Company's Exterior By Removing Bird Droppings From Windows

The exterior of your automotive shop reflects what type of business owner you are. For instance, if there are bird droppings streaked across the glass windowpanes that are located along the front of your business, people may think that you are careless and not concerned about the cleanliness of your business. Clean the panes and take measures to prevent additional droppings from staining the building's exterior with the following strategies.

Cleaning Supplies

  1. ladder
  2. power wand
  3. hose
  4. plastic scraper
  5. all-purpose detergent
  6. large sponge
  7. narrow scrub brush
  8. squeegee

Soften And Remove Droppings

Make sure that the windows are closed so that water does not seep into your business. While standing on a ladder, inspect the window frames and glass panes that were exposed to bird droppings. Connect a power wand to the end of a hose. Aim the end of the wand toward the windows.

Disperse water for several minutes so that the bird droppings soften. If bird droppings were on the frames or panes for several days, the sun and warm temperatures likely hardened them and removing them would take a lot of elbow grease. Use a plastic scraper to scrape the droppings from the frames and glass panes.

Clean Panes And Trim

After eliminating the droppings, some residue may remain on the frames and panes. Use soapy water (all-purpose detergent that has been mixed with water) and a large sponge to clean the windows. If the residue is stuck in small details in each window frame, use a narrow scrub brush to loosen substances.

Use water to wash away loose residue and soap. Move a squeegee across each exterior pane. The squeegee will eliminate excess moisture and will prevent streaks from appearing on the glass.

Install An Awning Or Spikes

Now that the windows are clean, you will likely want to keep them that way. Use water to rinse the window frames and panes off occasionally. If you are concerned about birds perching on top of your building and causing stains to form on the windows again, perhaps you could have a waterproof awning installed across the front of the building. Of course, if you choose to have one installed, the droppings may stain the awning instead of the windows.

Fortunately, your customers won't be able to see the top of the awning and you can clean it off during a time that your automotive shop is closed. Another option is to install bird spikes along surfaces where birds have been nesting. Either option will help you maintain the appearance of the building's exterior. To learn more, contact a company like Exclusive Window Cleaning