Want To Keep Fog Off Your New Bathroom Mirrors? 4 Simple Steps To Give Yourself A Clear View

There's nothing better than the shine of a brand new bathroom mirror. Unfortunately, that shine isn't always readily recognizable, especially after a shower. When you're in a hurry in the morning, the last thing you want to do is waste time defogging your mirror. However, if you want to see your face while you're shaving, or applying your makeup, that's exactly what you'll need to do. That is, unless you take a few preventative measures to avoid the fog altogether. Now that you have new bathroom mirrors, use the tips provided here to keep the fog away.

Reach for Your Car Supplies

If you own a car, you probably have your fair share of automotive cleaning supplies. Those supplies probably including window cleaners and defoggers. The same cleaners and defoggers that keep your car windows clean and clear will do the same for your bathroom mirrors. To avoid the steamy fog that can limit your view after a shower, clean your mirrors with your automotive window cleaner and defogger about once a week. To make it easier, simply buy an extra can of the cleaner, and leave it in the bathroom.

Get Things Foamy

If you thought your foam shaving cream was just for removing unwanted hair, you thought wrong. Your shaving cream can also be used to keep the fog off your bathroom mirrors. It doesn't take much of the foaming action, either. All you need to do is squeeze a generous amount of the foam into the palm of your hand, and apply it directly to your bathroom mirrors. Once the surface is covered, use a soft, clean cloth to wipe away the foam. Repeat the application at least once a week to keep your mirrors clear.

Take the Dish Soap Out of the Kitchen

If you use gel shaving cream, you can still get your bathroom mirrors fog-free. You'll just need to use dish detergent instead of the foam shaving cream. Fill your bathroom sink with water and soak a wash cloth. Place a few drops of dish soap on the wash cloth and carefully squeeze out some of the water. Rub the cloth across your mirrors and then wipe dry with a clean cloth. You'll need to repeat this process each morning, but your mirrors will avoid the foggy mess.

Think Vinegar and Lemon Juice

If you want to keep your mirrors clean and shiny, and avoid the fog, it's time to think vinegar and lemon juice. The vinegar and lemon juice will clean your mirrors and make them impervious to foggy buildup. Fill a spray bottle with equal parts water and vinegar. Add about two tablespoons of lemon juice to give the vinegar a clean, fresh scent. Spray the solution on your mirrors and wipe them dry with a clean, lint-free cloth. Your mirrors will look great, and you'll get to enjoy a fog-free mirror.