The Case for Vinyl Windows

Vinyl is a material that is widely used in window construction. Because of its popularity, some people think that it is a lesser option; they often want something more unique and stylish. While it is true that most vinyl products used in the construction of tract and manufactured homes are similar to each other, the product is actually quite diverse. That is, most home builders use cheaper, plain vinyl windows, but you can actually find many great, unique styles. This article explains the various vinyl styles, and why it is such a great product for residential windows.


Most homeowners install windows with a white or neutral color. The windows are part of the trim on both the inside and outside of your home. You will have to pay considerably more if you want windows that are a different color on each side. This is often the only way to make your windows match with the existing color schemes on both the interior and exterior.


While neutral colors are the most common, they are not the only option. Most window makers have a wide range of catalog colors to choose from. These colors are readily available, and ordering them won't cost you any more than ordering white windows of the same model. However, you will need to pay more if you need a custom color. Custom dyed windows are more expensive, but they are often the best choice if you want to truly distinguish your new windows.


Most windows have a slight texture. This is helpful in making the material look more natural and not just like plastic. The textures give the window frames a warmer look and touch. The texture also helps when it comes to friction on sliding windows. Textured vinyl windows are extremely easy to operate, and they don't need to be greased or lubricated.


Printed vinyl finishes are rare, but becoming more popular. Most window makers have a few basic printed products to choose from. Fake wood prints are by far the most popular. Homeowners love the natural look. The prints are quite intricate and look very much like real wood. Not only does the multi-color print have unique markings that make it look like real wood, but it also has coordinating grooves and notches, resembling the texture of real wood grain.

When it comes down to it, vinyl is hard to beat when it comes to style. For more information, talk to companies like Windows Plus.