3 Tips For Setting Your Self Up For Success With Your Storm Shutters

If you live in an area that gets hurricane and tropical storm warnings that require you to put storm shutters on your widows, you need to make sure that you have everything set up so you can quickly put on your storm shutters if you have the type that you take down and reinstall over your windows when necessary.

#1 Keep Your Storm Shutters Well Labeled

When a storm is on its way, you don't want to waste time going through your storm shutters, trying to figure out which shutter goes to which window. These can cause you to loose valuable time when you have a storm that is fast approaching.

This summer, take out your storm shutters and work on labeling them. Most storm shutters have a serial number already marked on them. Use that number to match the shutter up with each window. Put a color coded sticker on each window that contains the number of the corresponding shutter. Put a sticker on the shutter as well, using different colored stickers for each room in your house. In case the stickers fall of the windows, create a spread sheet with the window shutter number as well as location written on it. Tape this sheet to each shutter and keep a copy in your storm preparedness kit.

#2 Keep The Right Supplies On Hand

Second, you need to make sure that you have the right supplies on hand to install and put up your storm shutters quickly when a storm is approaching. You are going to need to have a few pairs of protective gloves that are hopefully nice and thick for everyone who will be helping with the installation process. It is important to protect yourself while putting up your shutters.

Ssecond, youa re going to need a wing-nut driver to clamp your storm shutters in place. Now is not the time for manual tools, so make sure that you have a power drill or electric screwdriver that you can use to clamp down the wing nuts that secure each shutter in place.

Third, you need step stools or ladders, depending on the height of your windows, so you can properly reach and install each storm shutter.

#3 Have An Installation Plan

Generally, installing storm shutters goes much faster when you have a team to work with to install the shutters. When you have someone to help you lift and hold the shutters in place while you secure them, you'll get the job done at a much faster pace. Work with your family as well as your neighbors to create a team plan that allows you to work together to put your family's shutters in a quick and efficient manner as well as those of your neighbors.

Having everything in order and a plan in place will help you quickly and effectively put up your storm shutters the next time you get a major storm warning in your area. Contact a contractor, like Active Hurricane & Security Protection, for more help.