Hardwood Shutters: To Paint Or Not To Paint, That Is The Question

Hardwood shutters on a home add two things to it; curb appeal, and the ability to shutter up your windows in the event of a major storm (e.g., a hurricane or rainstorm with really high winds). If you are thinking about adding hardwood shutters to your windows, you can either talk to a window specialist or a custom carpenter. Then you have to decide whether to paint the shutters or not paint the shutters. Here are some pros and cons to painting your hardwood shutters.

Not Painting the Shutters

Okay, so not painting your hardwood shutters means that you are leaving them to the elements. This results in shutters that eventually will look very worn and weathered, giving them a sort of driftwood appearance. If that is what you are shooting for, that is great. If not, you are causing a lot of damage to the bare wood that can cause the shutters to warp, bend, break and crack.

If you do not want to paint the shutters, at least consider using a clear sealant on them so that they are protected against the elements. The shutters will last longer and retain that natural wood look you love. You may have to reseal them once or twice a year, but at least you will not have to replace them every couple of years.

Painting the Shutters

Many homeowners opt to paint their hardwood shutters. Why? Because they can paint them absolutely any color they want, adding a bit of popping color to any otherwise drab exterior. Additionally, the paint protects the shutters from sun, rain, snow, ice, etc. If you paint them, you might have to repaint them every couple of years to keep them looking their best, but the curbside appeal of this maintenance is unmatched.

As you choose the color of paint for your hardwood shutters, be sure to select a paint that is made for the outdoors, is waterproof, and has a five-year guarantee to protect the wood. This ensures that the paint will do what it is meant to do; protect as well as decorate. Make sure the paint covers every square millimeter of wood so that they will be fully protected.

Hiring Someone to Paint or Seal

If you want to be absolutely certain that your hardwood shutters are perfectly painted or sealed, hire an expert. Usually, the person who installs the shutters for you can do the job. If not, ask your window installation expert who he/she recommends for this extra bit of work.

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