How To Remove And Repaint Your Interior Doors

Most interior doors are hollow, so they are lightweight and affordable. But over the years you will probably need to repaint your doors a few times. If you do have hollow doors, this process is much easier to do if you remove the door from the frame. This article explains how to remove doors and then repaint them.

Removing the Doors

Removing the doors is simple. All you really need is a thin screwdriver and a hammer so you can remove the pin from the hinge knuckles. Make sure the screwdriver is thinner than the pin so it will fit into the knuckle. Basically, place the screwdriver head onto the bottom of the pin and hammer it upward until you are able to completely pull the pin out. It is best to remove the pin from the bottom hinge first. Make sure you do this while the door is closed and the lock is engaged. You don't want the door to slide free from the bottom hinge and bend the upper hinges.

Painting the Doors

Once the doors are removed, you can easily paint them in a separate area. When you set up a simple painting station that is fully masked off, you can speed up the painting. For instance, you can set large sheets of painter's plastic or construction paper on the ground. Unless your hinges are painted the same color as the door, remove the hinge plates with a screwdriver. Some hinges are unpainted, so you definitely want to take them off first. You also need to tape off the handles and locks. These can be removed, but it is usually much easier to just tape them off.

The best way to paint a door is with a spray gun. This is definitely true for doors with decorative panels, molding and mullions. Painting these intricate designs and corners with a paint brush will often result in drips. Also, the smooth surface of wooden doors will show brushstrokes. With a spray gun you can give your door a much more consistent sheen. The key is to remove all your doors, prep them to be painted and then do all of the painting at once. This way the paint will be more consistent and you can streamline the work. Most doors will require at least 2 coats.

Let your doors dry for a full day before putting them back in the frame.

For more information on painting your doors or on the doors in general, contact professional installation experts, such as those at Mister Window Inc.