Answering Common Residential Window Film Questions

When it comes to your home's appearance and comfort, the windows are one of the most important components. However, some homeowners are not informed when it comes to their windows, and this can cause them to be unaware of some of the upgrades they can make to them to increase performance or aesthetics. In particular, window films are among the more affordable window upgrades you can make, but you may benefit from having the following two questions answers if you have never considered having films installed. 

Why Would You Want A Film On Your Home's Windows?

Having a film placed on your windows can provide your home with numerous benefits. For example, you can opt for tinted film that will drastically reduce the brightness of the light entering the home, and this can be perfect for those that are suffering from light sensitivity. 

Additionally, a window film can provide your home with energy savings. This is possible because the film can reflect much of the sun's ultraviolet light away from the window. By preventing this wavelength from entering your home, you can help prevent convective heating of your home. 

How Do You Clean Residential Window Films?

A common concern that some people have about installing these films is that they will be difficult to clean. However, this is not the case, but they will require different cleaning steps than your windows' glass. For example, if you use normal window cleaning on a film, you can warp or discolor it, and there is no way to repair this damage outside of replacing the film. 

To minimize the risk of damaging your window film, you should only use a damp cloth when cleaning it. By gently wiping the film, you should be able to remove any dust or dirt that may have accumulated on the film. When doing this, make sure not to use excessive force because you may accidentally shift the position of the film, which could lead to air pockets forming. 

Having a film placed on your home's windows, by a company like Reflec Tech window tinting, can be a great option for improving the comfort and energy efficiency of your house. This is possible because these simple devices will reflect much of the sun's energy. Yet, if you have never seriously consider having a film installed, understanding the benefits of these simple devices and how you clean them should make it easier for you to decide whether or not installing a film is the right solution for your windows' needs.