2 Things To Think About Before Ordering Custom Drapes

If you have exceptionally large or strangely shaped windows, you might jump at the chance to have custom drapes made. However, just because such custom-made fabric panels fit doesn't mean they are right for your house. Here are two things to think about before ordering custom drapes so that you can be happy with your investment:

1. Aesthetics

Just because those drapes are the right price doesn't mean that they belong in your house. If you select window treatments that don't meld well with your existing interior design, you might end up looking forward to the next new set of curtains. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you shop for drapes:

  • Home Décor: Before you head to the drapery shop, take a few minutes to soak in your overall home décor scheme. Do you prefer a minimalist look, or do you want your home to look like a Tuscan Villa? When you shop for curtains, look for fabrics that meld well with your existing interior design.
  • Pattern: Those bright, bold patterns might seem like fun, but will they look good a few years from now? Keep in mind that large prints or trendy geometric patterns might not mesh well with the changing interior of your home. Instead, side with classic styles or plain colors, so that your windows don't take center stage.

If you are having trouble choosing drapes, don't be afraid to ask the custom drape manufacturer for help. They might be able to show you pictures of previous jobs or examples of how to use interesting fabrics.  

2. Functionality

After choosing the perfect fabric pattern and matching valances, you might be ready to order a pair of drapes for every window in your house. Unfortunately, forgetting about functionality might leave you wishing you hadn't been so hasty. Here are a few things the right draperies might be able to help you with:

  • Ability to Block Light: Believe it or not, about 90% of your home's unwanted heat comes in through the windows. Fortunately, you might be able to keep your home a lot cooler by adding window treatments designed to screen ultraviolet light. If you are worried about installing thick, black draperies, you shouldn't be. UV blocking fabrics are available in every color, including white.
  • Sound Reduction Properties: The right window treatments might even make your home more serene by reducing noise pollution. Some fabrics can screen certain sound frequencies so that your neighbor's dog won't wake you up from an afternoon nap. 

By taking the time to evaluate your needs and order the right products, you might be able to keep your home comfortable and beautiful for many years to come. Feel free to search for more information online.